sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Hablan de nosotros

Buenos clientes que hablan de nosotros en su blog de su estancia erasmus en Málaga. 
Que paséis un buen fin de semana.


Hidden Gems

The historic centre of Málaga is a maze of little streets and squares jam-packed with map and book shops, chocolatiers, vintage shops, Moroccan tea shops and jewellery shops. There's nothing better than hunting down some more hidden gems on any given sunny day. Two weeks ago, Hose (Helen & Rose) and I decided to take a wander around some of our favourite places on a lovely Friday evening. 

Bless this Mess was a new discovery we made on our hunt for vintage stores. Most of the stuff sold are things used for house decor. Everything is laid out beautifully while the shopkeeper looks busy at work. There's a very cool cocktail shaker that needs to be purchased by us three gals..."

de:     http://ciarainwonderland.blogspot.com.es/2013_01_01_archive.html

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